You might be considering bringing multi-room audio to your Manhattan Beach, CA living space – or maybe you like the idea of having music in multiple rooms in your house, but you’re completely unsure what the solution and installation actually entails.

Not to worry – we’ve got you covered when it comes to distributed audio systems and all its amazing features. In this blog, we’ll take you on a beginner’s guide and Q&A that includes any initial questions you might have regarding multi-room music.

Keep on reading below to find out more and see how this smart solution can fit into your home.


1. How Do I Control It?

Installing a multi-room audio system sounds exciting and like a nice luxury – but it doesn’t mean much if you have no clue on how to control it, or if it’s too complicated to figure out. The great news is that the latter is a myth. Distributed audio systems are beyond easy to operate.

You can manage your whole-home audio system right from your handheld smart devices.  Whether you choose to use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can easily access every aspect of your system right on your screen.

Use the Savant app or conveniently located wall panels around your house to select songs, change albums, raise and lower volume, select the rooms you want music to play in, and make any other adjustments with just a push of a button. It really is that simple.

Check out the Savant tutorial video below to see just how simple it is to manage your entire audio system.

2. What Types of Music Can I Play on It?

When you can play music in any part of your home, you definitely want it to be tunes you love and enjoy. And with your system, you can turn on any type of music you want.

You can stream virtually any song from services like TIDAL, Spotify or Pandora, which makes switching from one playlist to a different one as easy as using the other smart technologies in your home.

Browse through your personal digital music library that you can have uploaded to the system, or even play music from a CD player, turntable, or A/V receiver. Multi-room audio makes it a breeze to play any song or album at a moment’s notice for yourself or for family and friends that you have over for a get-together.

3. What Types of Speakers Can I Include?

It’s important to remember that there isn’t one defined “multi-room speaker.” You can include a variety of types of loudspeakers within an overall multi-room or whole-house setup.

For example, while you might feature a standalone wireless speaker in the kitchen, you can also connect your high-performance stereo system in your listening room to your multi-room audio setup. Want the speakers in your setup to heard and not seen? You can even feature in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that can lie flush with the surrounding wall and be painted over to match your wall colors, as well.

Our team at South Bay Automation can help you not only throughout the speaker selection process for your multi-room audio system, but we also can provide expert installation services for both wired and wireless speakers and integrate them with your universal control system.


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