We are well-versed in the unique requirements of our commercial customers. It has to work every time without fail. It has to be done on time and on budget. We have to be licensed, insured, and bring the appropriate level of experience and professionalism to the job. Commercial projects include:

  • Competitively-priced prewire for a condominium development and tract housing. Subsequently, we install all of the automation devices in the model which acts as a great talking point for the sale of the units. New buyers can pick from the “Good”, “Better”, “Best” automation package at the time they purchase their home. Our comprehensive pre-wire allows us to install the smart-home features picked by each home-owner just before move-in.
  • How about a sports bar with 30 independent televisions, some of which are flush-mounted at the booths and controlled by the patrons sitting there.
  • We install projectors, screens, and presentation A/V for conference rooms in office buildings.
  • Guests buzz about the automated shades, lighting control, Audio, and Video keypads in their luxury hotel suites.