Low-Voltage Prewire

Pre-wiring is sometimes reduced to a commodity to be awarded to the lowest bidder. The truth of the matter is, there may be nothing more important than a well thought-out and well-executed pre-wire plan. It is unfortunate when a home-owner has to give up a piece of automation that he really wanted because of the failure to pull a couple of wires for less than $200. Worse yet is having to open up new drywall to pull a wire that was carelessly or thoughtlessly missed.

We walk your home with you and talk about how you intend to use it. Do you entertain? If so, tell us about your entertaining habits. Do you anticipate your family growing? When we do present you with a pre-wire proposal, we have considered three things:

  1. How you will use the technology and security in your home?
  2. How would we wire your home if it was ours?
  3. What is the right balance of “future-proofing” and cost-management?