Learn Our Favorite Aspects of Using a Savant Home Control System

If smart home technology is not making your everyday life easier and more manageable, then it simply isn’t doing its job right. With a Savant home automation system in your Manhattan Beach, CA living space, you’ll never have to worry about dealing with hassles or snags in your daily routine.

This integrated smart home control solution only brings convenience and comfort to your life; and in this blog, we dive into our favorite benefits and features of it.

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Universal Control for Your Entire Home

With an installed Savant system, every smart technology throughout your property will fall under its umbrella – meaning you can control everything through the Savant interface.

Using the Savant app on your smartphone or tablet or on a wall-mounted touchscreen panel, you can easily raise or lower motorized shades, dim indoor and outdoor lights, and turn on any TV in your house.

Adjust the smart thermostat, raise the volume on specific speakers in your whole home audio system or select which movie you want to play in your home theater – as long as the technology is connected to your Savant system, you can control it through the Savant interface.

An Easy-to-Use Interface

Nothing is worse than a system that is much too complicated for everyone in the house to use whenever they want. The great news is that Savant’s system is beyond manageable for anyone.

With an image-heavy interface that is organized by each room in your house, you won’t be wondering how to switch off a certain light in the upstairs bathroom. The Savant app makes it simple and straight-forward for any type of technology you want to work in a moment’s notice.

This is excellent for whatever your day might bring you. Whether you’re trying to relax during a day off or planning a huge gathering with friends that night – having a system that is always at your fingertips makes for a hassle-free environment.

Customizable with Unique Scenes

What if instead of pressing several buttons to achieve a desired look or feel in your home, you could rather just press one button and have multiple technologies respond? That’s where scenes and scheduling come into play.

The Savant app makes it easy for you to create your own scenes for any room in your house. With these “scenes,” one press of a button can alter a room’s lights, temperature and even the type of music or TV channel playing in the room.

There is no complicated programming involved; you can easily create your own scenes for your favorite activities in your house. Just check out this short video below to see how easy it is:

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