Your Smart Shades Can Elevate Your Whole Space


If you’re looking to add elegance and comfort to your South Bay home, motorized window shades are the perfect smart solution for you.

But automated shades are more than just keeping the sun out of a room in the middle of the day.  How can you put this smart technology to its best uses?

In this blog, we’ll dive into the various ways you can utilize your shades and the many benefits they’ll bring you and your family.

Keep on reading below to find out more.




Enhance Your Entertainment Setup

You can dramatically change the mood of a room by adjusting the lighting and shading. If you’re hosting a get-together or a dinner party for family and friends – you have the right tools to set up the ultimate atmosphere.

Do you know of a specific time of day that direct sunlight enters your home through your windows? Not only is it a nuisance for you and your guests, but long-term exposure to direct sunlight also can cause damage to furniture, artwork, and even your flooring. The solution? Simply schedule for your motorized shades to automatically lower at that time of day.

With the option of dual shading, you can have both blackout shades and sheer, colorful shades depending on the occasion.  Lower the dark shades when you’re about to start a movie night, so everyone can feel totally immersed in the film – just as if they’re watching it in the cinema.

Once the movie is over or if something is going on in another room, you can simply push a button on your smart device to brighten things back up by raising the shades.

Set “scenes” so that your shades can know when to go up and down throughout the day.  You can even set them to respond to actions.  For instance, when you turn the TV on, your blackout shades can know to instantly lower, or when you walk into the dining room, the shades will automatically raise up.


Improve Privacy

Say you’re trying to relax or nap in the living room, but the room has plenty of windows – it doesn’t make for a great spot to feel safe and sheltered.  Large windows in your bedroom or bathrooms are elegant, but when you want to conceal them, smart shades add the convenience you need.

Schedule your motorized shades to lower at particular hours or when someone turns the lights on in the bathroom.  Once the sun sets, you can even upgrade the security of your home by having all the shades lower completely.

You’ll not only feel more safe and secure, but you also won’t worry about forgetting if every window is covered before you go to sleep for the night.


Easy to Use

Your automated shades are efficient and luxurious, but that doesn’t mean they’re hard to manage.  Using just one centralized source, you can control your whole lighting and shading system.

With your smart device of choice, such as your smartphone or tablet, just push a button, and your shades are under your control.

Never reach for a blind or struggle to move the shades again.  Operating this smart technology on a daily basis is always a breeze.


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