Change How You Entertain at Home with These New Products


When you enjoy your favorite TV show or have a movie marathon, you want the best quality performance available.

With the new 2018 TV displays Sony has to offer, you can have high-end entertainment screens in your South Bay home without the high costs.

With a proper audio video installation, you can start your movie-nights and TV binge-watching today!

We highlight the Sony models to choose from, and how you can best utilize them for you and your family.  Keep on reading to learn more!


2018 Sony TV Models


The New Year brought a selection of Sony TV displays, with varying price ranges and features available.  You can find all of these models at our South Bay Automation showroom for the same price as you’d find at the big box stores. Check out these new models below:


Sony Bravia A8F: This is Sony’s new flagship OLED TV. It includes all the high-resolution image quality you’d expect along with some aesthetic advancements: a stand that keeps it from titling and less depth for better flush-mounted solutions.

Sony Bravia X900F: An LCD TV, it has 20% more brightness than last year’s model and has an X1 Extreme Processor. This processor better enhances standard content to full HDR quality.

Sony Bravia X850F: Though it doesn’t have the X1 Extreme Processor or same HDR clarity, it is ideal for sports viewing through an 100Hz panel that enhances its fast motion reproduction.

Sony WF6/W66F: Don’t think you need the added pixels but want to take advantage of Sony’s advanced HDR capabilities? Enjoy this non-4K ultra HD option that also includes motion flow technology for a smoother picture.


Bring the Entertainment in Every Room


So what’s the best way to enjoy your Sony TV?  Installing an integrated audio video system can bring your media to every corner of your home wherever you have your TVs.

For example, you can start a movie downstairs on your TV, and have it play in the basement or upstairs seamlessly – you’ll never miss a scene.  Go from your bedroom to the kitchen and then back upstairs, and then when you’re ready for bed, you can finish up the film in your room.

Easily operate the entire system from one centralized source.  Using your smartphone, tablet, or remote, you can switch between songs or movies, adjust the volume, and browse your media library on the TV.

You can play DVDs or select virtually anything when you use streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu.  It’s all there, and all the control is in your hands.


Want to learn more about Sony’s new TVs and why an audio video installation is the best way to enjoy them?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us.  Our team would love to hear from you.