Here Are Four Advantages to Choosing Motorized Window Treatments


Your window treatments are an essential part of your home. They can add your flare to your home’s design. They can allow you to bring in natural light. They even can help save you energy.

Most homeowners, though, take their window treatments for granted. With manual window treatments, it’s easy to leave the shades lowered or the blinds closed for days at a time. And if you aren’t using your home’s window treatments often, are you really making the most of them?

Motorized shades allow you to make the most of your home’s windows. In this blog, we’ll show you four reasons why motorized window treatments might just be the smarter option for your Palos Verdes-area home compared to manual treatments.


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Convenience and Luxury


Something as seemingly simple as pressing a button to have your shades silently lower and raise in mere seconds can actually enhance your day-to-day activities and bring a new level of luxury to your life. You won’t have to stretch or question how you’re going to reach large bay window shades or other higher ones that are hard to grasp. You won’t have to get up at all to even move your shades with control possible from your own smart device.


Whether you use a smart device to control your shades throughout the day, set up pre-planned “scenes” for movie night, or schedule them to lower at certain hours during the day – you can count on your window treatments to adjust accordingly to your plans.


You can even install photosensors that detect where the sun is in the sky, and if its rays are too intense and might cause long-term UV-ray damage to your valuables, your shades will automatically lower and provide the needed protection.


Safety and Privacy


One of the “scenes,” as mentioned above, that you can set is an “Away” one. With this setup, at just the press of a button on a keypad or on your smart device, your smart lighting control system and motorized shades will continue to function as usual even while you’re gone. They’ll mimic your daily routines as if your house is occupied and full of life. This will deter burglars from attempting a break-in on what could have seemed like an empty home.

Shades add another layer of privacy to your property. Sheer shades allow light in while also blocking UV rays, and can offer the needed security in most rooms of your home. Other shades have less opacity that can allow you a beautiful view in the sitting room, while still shielding you from letting others peer into your house. More opaque shades are also great for bathrooms with windows and other areas of the house that you’d like covered.




Elegance and Style

One common misconception about motorized shades is that there are fewer shading options available. This simply isn’t true.

Our recommended shading brand, Lutron, offers a variety of styles for its motorized window treatments. Choose between elegant Roman shades, sleek roller shades, energy-efficient honeycomb shades or even traditional wood blinds – all with the option of different colors or finishes.

When selecting the right motorized window treatments for your home, you don’t have to have limited options. You can select custom-designed motorized shades that perfectly blend with your interior décor.


Save Energy and Money

One often-overlooked benefit of motorized shades is that they also can be energy-efficient; particularly honeycomb shades. This is due to the design of honeycomb window treatments – their cellular structure retains your home’s air – preventing it from escaping through your windows.

This is particularly helpful during the hot Southern California summers; with your cellular shades lowered, they can keep your air-conditioned home cool and reduce your reliance on your HVAC system.

Of course, manual honeycomb shades also are available. But through adding motorization features, you can conveniently control them and easily manage the look, feel and energy-convenience of your home’s spaces.


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