Upgrade Your Surround Sound System to Immersive Audio


When you watch a movie in your home theater, you want to feel like you’re right in the middle of a scene. It turns out, your media’s sound quality has everything to do with immersing you in the action.

But bringing the ultimate auditory experience to your South Bay home can only be done with an exceptional surround sound system in place.

With surround sound, multiple speakers strategically placed around your viewing space can provide an immersive auditory experience. Whether you’re watching an action flick with friends or enjoying a cinematic epic – you need audio that envelops you from every direction.

This means you need a surround sound setup that stands above the rest. Far from standard and with unparalleled sound delivery, a surround sound system optimized for Dolby Atmos audio is the way to go.

Keep reading below to see why we recommend a surround sound system that can support Dolby Atmos audio.


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Sound that Moves Around You

Dolby Atmos sound technology is meant and designed for a surround sound setup in your dedicated home theater. Few, if any, other audio formats immerse you in the action better than Atmos does.

Not only does the system comprise of multiple audio channels and a subwoofer – with speakers in front of you, to the sides of you and behind you – but it also includes two to four in-ceiling speakers for overhead sounds. With Atmos’ unique audio format that individualizes each channel, you are able to experience a 360-degree sound field.

The system delivers your audio straight to you as it fills up the three-dimensional space of a room. You’ll feel like you’ve transported into a movie scene with the sound coming at you from every angle.

While you watch your movie, your heart will pound from a suspenseful car chase as you listen to the sirens zoom from left to right, just like it is on-screen. You’ll feel the bustle of an on-screen city, feeling the auditory sensation of a helicopter circling above you.

Your audio will feel so lifelike that you’ll wonder how you ever experienced and settled for your standard surround sound before! And to achieve this incomparable audio, you need a top-notch surround sound arrangement – one that supports Dolby Atmos.


How Our Team at South Bay Automation Can Help

When you decide to upgrade your surround sound system to one that supports Atmos audio, our team will help you through the entire process.

We’ll not only help you update the overall design of your system, choosing the best speakers and Atmos-ready A/V receivers on the market, but we also will expertly update the wiring and speaker placement throughout your cinema. That even can include adding in-ceiling speakers to your theater.

We’ll even help to make sure you own video content in Atmos format. (You can check an updated list of Atmos-ready movie and TV show discs here.)

If you want to watch an Atmos film, you should be able to enjoy the best auditory and visual experience possible. At South Bay Automation, our goal is to deliver you that ultimate movie-watching setup.
Want to learn even more about Dolby Atmos and how it can elevate the surround sound system at your South Bay home?

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