Upgrade Your Home Security System with These Elements

When adding smart home security elements to your property, you want to make sure that they not only will protect your family 24/7 but also that they are high-quality and secure.

There are many store-bought smart home security solutions available in today’s market, but there also are a variety of enterprise-grade, high-performance smart home security components available for your Southern California property.

If you’re looking to add home surveillance cameras to your Manhattan Beach-area property, here are three things you should be looking out for as you search the available options.


Watch in Real-Time or Play Back Videos

What makes your smart home surveillance cameras go above and beyond just a standard security system, is that within a moment’s notice you can check in on what is happening at your house – right from your own smart device.

Whether you’re using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can watch real-time videos from your cameras’ captured footage. Some cameras feature built-in motion sensors that also will pan, zoom and focus on whatever is happening nearby.

While some home surveillance cameras offer subscription-based recording platforms, other camera systems offer built-in recording – meaning that without an additional fee, you can watch previously recorded footage from your cameras.

But when you think of surveillance footage, you probably think of it as all grainy and in poor-quality. However, today’s best home surveillance cameras provide just the complete opposite of this type of image resolution.

4K Resolution Video Footage

You’ll never have to worry about straining to see who is in a surveillance video or questioning whether captured footage is reliable or not. With your home surveillance cameras, you can trust that their 4K resolution delivers only the highest image quality.

It will feel like you’re watching a scene out of a TV show or film, not like you’re trying to decipher a code from a few grainy clips of video footage. It’s the total opposite of what you normally envision when you think of surveillance videos.

To make the captured image come out even clearer, you can set up your home and landscape lighting control to tie in with your surveillance system. When your motion sensors detect movement, they can flood an area with light. This not only scares intruders away but also lets the cameras capture the best image possible.

And making sure you can see and check in on every room and corner of your property is simple. You can tilt, pan, and zoom in your cameras right from your smart device, so that no part of your home is left unseen and unprotected.

Innovative Facial Recognition

Sometimes, surveillance cameras are notorious for only capturing useless videos and squirrels running across your yard.

Now with facial recognition, you won’t have to worry about stressing about a multitude of false alarms. This feature can distinguish between people, cars, and animals – and whether they pose a threat to your property.

Your smart surveillance cameras will be able to tell the difference between when your neighbor is coming to check in on your plants and pets, and if it’s a mailman dropping off a package. Your system can even alert you if the same car has been parked outside your home for a while, or if the same face has passed by multiple times.

As you are alerted, you can check in on your home while you’re on vacation and assess whether something is pressing or not with ease.


Want to learn more about these top features of smart home surveillance cameras for your Manhattan Beach-area property?

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