Enjoy These Top-Notch Features Outdoors


Your home in the South Bay is the ideal venue for any outdoor event.  Whether you’re swimming in the pool, enjoying the ocean views, or reading in the warm sun, nothing beats taking advantage of the great weather on a day off.

So why limit your home entertainment to within your home’s four walls?  Smart outdoor entertainment helps transform your yard into not just a place of relaxation, but where you can truly host a great party as well.

There are endless ways to enjoy smart outdoor features.  In this blog, we go through the system’s multiple components and how they can elevate your space.

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Audio & Video Features

Fire up the grill or dive into the pool – with outdoor audio video, you can make every moment a good time.

If you’re grilling burgers or hotdogs, put on the background music to keep everyone entertained and to stimulate conversation as they wait for the meal.

Is it time for the big game?  Invite everyone over to view it on your outdoor 4K Ultra HD screen.  An anti-glare and weather-resistant screen lets you watch TV without worrying the sun or weather will spoil the fun.  You’ll never miss a single play or wind up with damaged equipment.

Using the smart device of your choice, you can adjust the system’s volume, switch channels, change songs, or browse through your entire media library.  All the control is in the palm of your hands.

Smart Lighting Enhances the Space

Lighting is key to having the ultimate entertainment setup.  As the sun goes down, you can set your lights to turn on slowly and brighten as the night unfolds.

Create ambiance and give your backyard a nice glow.  It will also keep your property from appearing dark and uninviting – which is great for your guests and also keeps intruders away.

Just press a button on your smartphone or tablet to dim your lights during the day, or turn off the system entirely.  Your lights are easy to control and adjust from just one centralized source.

You can elevate your home’s security and protection, while also bringing a great mood to your party.  You can also highlight your home’s exterior features with wall sconces and floodlights that accentuate its architecture.


Easy-To-Use System

With smart home control, you can automate and manage your outdoor features just as much as your indoor ones.

Easily adjust your pool’s temperatures, or turn on your hot tub’s jets with the same device you use to control your 4K screens and motorized shades.

Turn on your pool’s lights as the sun sets so that you can take a dip even in the later hours.  With a system that’s so simple to use, you and your friends never have to struggle with the hassle of trying to turn on lights or raise the volume up when watching a movie outside.

You can operate every aspect of your system with zero stress.


Want to take your outdoor entertainment system to the next level with smart technology?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you.