Exploring the Many Types of Speakers for Outdoor Sound Systems

Liven Up Your Backyard with High-End Audio

In Southern California’s mild climate, there’s no need to keep the festivities indoors. With an outdoor sound system, you can bring all the music and media to your Manhattan Beach patio with ease. But what type of speakers are necessary for high-end outdoor audio? And how can they blend seamlessly with your existing gardens and landscape?

In this blog, we’ll go through what smart features outdoor speakers have and the different types you can pick for your property. Want to find out more? Just keep reading on below.


Benefits of An Outdoor Sound System

Just as you can listen to any song or playlist inside your house with whole home audio, you can listen to your music in the same way but outside in your backyard. But what makes outdoor speakers different than your indoor ones?

It turns out, an outdoor sound system’s speakers can deliver the same high-performance audio quality that you hear in your media room or home theater – and they can do so without receiving any damage from the outside elements.

All outdoor speakers are weather-resistant and will stand up to the harshest of storms. Whether it’s sun and heat, rain and humidity, or the salty ocean air, outdoor speakers are made to withstand the elements – even splashes from the pool. You can enjoy crystal-clear audio for your outdoor movie nights and high-end sound for the next party you host without worrying that your speakers won’t work after the weather changes.

Various Types of Outdoor Speakers

Adding outdoor speakers to your backyard and patio area doesn’t have to interfere with your personal design and style. Depending on what kind of speakers you choose, you can have them blend in nicely all around the outdoor space to create a perfect ambient sound setup.  We’ve listed out the different types of speakers to pick from below:

  • Satellite Landscape Speakers: Small landscape speakers are great for setting up all around your yard, no matter what the size is. These are a scalable solution that can accommodate any type of outdoor layout, and can work well hidden in your garden area or amongst your foliage. These strategically installed speakers plus their underground subwoofers make for a barely-visible setup that delivers a powerful sound performance every time.
  • Surface-Mounted Speakers: Placing these speakers up on exterior walls is an option if you want to angle your sound from more areas than just the ground, and add more height to your sound system. While more noticeable, these speakers can contribute to an outdoor entertainment space that looks inviting and ready for a movie or dance.
  • Rock Speakers: Do you want the least obtrusive outdoor speakers around? You and your guests won’t even notice speakers that are disguised as rocks, as they will blend in completely with your plants and garden. While delivering top-quality sound, these speakers will not appear as if they are even there at all. You can listen to your favorite tunes in a backyard that maintains its existing design entirely.

You have plenty of options depending on how visible you want your outdoor speakers to be – and plenty of ways to optimize your outdoor sound system. Want to learn more about this smart AV solution? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!