A Guide on Finding the Right Shading Solution for You


So, you’re ready to install motorized shades into your South Bay living space. But what variety is actually right for you and your home?

No need to wonder what differentiates one window treatment apart from another. In this blog, we’ll go through the top four common Lutron shades, and what each one entails.

Keep reading to learn more about these smart shading solutions!




1. Roller Shades

First up are roller shades. These shades are one of the most commonly favored by homeowners. They’re not only able to blend in well with any existing décor, but they are so popular that they come in plenty of colors and patterns to choose from for any space.

Their motor-encasing design creates a minimalist appearance, so there isn’t any disruption to your interior design.

Depending on which fabric and style you pick, you can determine how much light is shining through these shades. Sheer ones let in natural light, while translucent ones allow minimal lighting in. Blackout shades, on the other hand, create a completely pitch-dark atmosphere.

It all goes back to the shades opacity, so that’s where to start when deciding which is the best for your space.

Roller shades come either wired or battery-powered, so you have a choice is which one better suits you.


2. Honeycomb Shades

The most significant feature of the honeycomb shades is their ability to provide needed insulation.

Their pleated design has a built-in insulated gaps that help keep your home cool during the warmer months and maintain your home’s heat during winter. This will give your HVAC system a break and help you save energy and money down the line.

These Lutron shades also come with a variety of styles and fabrics to choose from. You’ll also have the choice between single-cell or double-cell shades.

Double-cell shades feature a two-pleat layer, so their energy-saving benefits and insulation are doubled.

Similar to roller shades, honeycomb ones can be wired or run off a long-lasting battery.


3. Wood Blinds

If your shades’ appearance is crucial and specific, wood blinds can bring that natural and tasteful look to your home. Wooden motorized shades can appear stained, painted, or natural – there are an abundance of options.

These blinds also still allow you to control and change how much light is entering through them. Adjusting the tilt of each individual wooden blade can create just the right angle for different lighting to shine through into the room.

These shades aren’t for the battery-life though – they can only be run through a wired system.


4. Roman Shades

The last common motorized shades are the Roman shades. These come in the same variety of colors and styles as roller and honeycomb shades.

What makes roman shades stand out though is the thick and heavy material of their fabric that creates a layered and elegant presence.

These shades can have a reflective backing put in to better help with insulation as well. They can keep heat from escaping and reflect hot sunlight.

Since Roman shades have multiple layers, a motor system is needed so that any movement of the fabric and layered blinds isn’t hindered or derailed.


Want to learn more about these common motorized shades types and how easy it is to integrate them into your space? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form. We’d love to hear from you and bring you the shading solution that’s right for you.