What Do You Need to Know About This Smart Lighting Feature?


You can shift the entire mood of your Redondo Beach-area living space with a top-notch smart lighting system. With a touch of a button, you’ll be able to transform the way your interiors and landscape look with the right lighting fixtures in place. But adding convenience and comfort to your home is only part of a smart lighting solution with Savant.

Savant now offers Tunable LED lighting solutions that take your smart lighting features to the next level. Want to find out more about this new offering from Savant? Just keep reading on below!


What is Tunable LED Lighting from Savant?

Savant has partnered with USAI to bring you an unparalleled experience with tunable lighting. Imagine being able to change the color temperature of your lighting fixtures with just a press of a button – or have the temperature change automatically, according to the time of day or a set schedule. This can completely change the vibe and appearance of any room in your house.

From classic white and a warm glow to any color on an infinite spectrum, Savant lets you choose from endless shades to illuminate your home at any time. Fall asleep to dimmed, warm lighting, and wake up to brighter hues. Create ambiance in the dining room or brighten up a space for any event or occasion.

Tunable LED lighting also saves energy with LED bulbs and fixtures, while also being able to adjust your color temperature in mere seconds.

Benefits for Mood and Health

Tunable lighting has more benefits than just livening up your space with colorful lights. It can also improve your overall mood and mental and physical health. As you go about the day, your natural circadian rhythm can be disrupted from exposure to fluorescent lighting and being indoors all day – your body and mind crave the sun’s natural light.

When this happens, your rhythm can be thrown off balance and cause negative consequences for your health. But that’s where your tunable lighting steps in. Your Savant system can mimic the sun’s natural lighting by changing its color temperature throughout the day at select intervals that match your circadian rhythm.

Work in cooler tones in the office or kitchen, as these colors improve productivity and give a boost to your motivation. Wake up to the dimmer, warmer colors that mimic the sunrise in the morning. And as you wind down, your lighting fixtures can imitate the glow of a candle that grows dimmer as the evening ends, matching a sunset’s look. These tunable features will keep your mood and health in balance and make you feel more energized and brighter overall from day to day.

LED Fixtures to Save Energy

LED lighting means saving much more energy with each lighting fixture and bulb. Whether you install brand new LED fixtures and lamps, or replace your existing bulbs with LED ones, you’ll be using less energy and saving yourself on your monthly bills – while also reducing your carbon footprint.

These bulbs are available in the endless color spectrum, as mentioned above, and you can choose from a variety of fixtures to enhance your interior design. From elegant hanging pendants to downlights, to light strips you can tuck under cabinet or in bookshelves – you can illuminate your home with these gorgeous lighting solutions and elevate your existing décor.

And the best part? It’s all a part of Savant’s control system. Using the same smart devices, stylish wall keypads, touchpads, and even voice commands, you can operate your entire lighting system the way you would any other part of your Savant home automation. It’s that easy to make tunable LED lighting a part of your daily life.


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