If You Love Music, Consider a Devoted Environment for Listening

If you’ve heard of high-fidelity audio or already own a top-quality system or equipment, then you know just how transformative this technology can be. There’s nothing quite like listening to your favorite tunes or jamming to a new hit record on high-performance speakers.

Listening to music can be more than just a background activity. It can be a complete, immersive experience! But if you’re listening to your music within the common gathering areas of your house, it can be hard to listen without interruptions or noisy distractions. You also aren’t able to capitalize on the entire acoustic experience.

If you want to feature the best high-end audio experience at your home in the Manhattan Beach, CA area, we recommend adding a dedicated listening room. Keep reading below to find out more about this auditory setup.

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Don’t Stress Over Your Property During this Festive Season

With the holidays approaching, you might be planning trips to visit friends and family across town or across the country. Or maybe you’re staying home for the holidays. Either way, your house could be a target for robbers during this busy time of year.

How can you avoid any break-ins while you’re home or away without stress during this joyous time of the year?

Installing a smart home security system will help give you peace of mind that your property in the Redondo Beach, CA area is safe at all times. Learn more about this smart solution’s many advantages and qualities by reading below!

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Elevate the Festivities this Year With Upgraded Home Entertainment Systems


As the end of the year approaches, the months seem to start to zoom by. Before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us – and you’ll have several parties to attend and host with friends and family.

Don’t let the worries and stresses of holiday planning get you down. Make this time of year cheerful by having a top-notch home audio video system in place at your South Bay property and ensure that you create a festive environment fit for every one of your guests.

In this blog, we’ll show how you can best prepare for the holidays with your system so that you can delight and entertain for any type of event you host.

Keep reading below to find out more.

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Upgrade Your Surround Sound System to Immersive Audio


When you watch a movie in your home theater, you want to feel like you’re right in the middle of a scene. It turns out, your media’s sound quality has everything to do with immersing you in the action.

But bringing the ultimate auditory experience to your South Bay home can only be done with an exceptional surround sound system in place.

With surround sound, multiple speakers strategically placed around your viewing space can provide an immersive auditory experience. Whether you’re watching an action flick with friends or enjoying a cinematic epic – you need audio that envelops you from every direction.

This means you need a surround sound setup that stands above the rest. Far from standard and with unparalleled sound delivery, a surround sound system optimized for Dolby Atmos audio is the way to go.

Keep reading below to see why we recommend a surround sound system that can support Dolby Atmos audio.

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The Right Equipment, Network and Other Factors to Maximize Your System’s Potential

In the age of Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming music services, there’s no reason not to install a whole home audio system. But how do you make sure you end up with a system that’s functional, easy-to-use and makes your home a more pleasant environment? We want to create the ideal audio system for your South Bay home, and in this blog, we go through some pointers on how to make that happen.

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Stay In-the-Loop with an Integrated Smart Home Solution

At South Bay Automation, we take pride in delivering local homeowners with connected home solutions that genuinely elevate their lifestyles.

As a Savant dealer, our installations entail simplified control of your home’s technologies – with just the tap of the button on your smartphone, for example, you can turn on the living room TV or turn off your bedroom’s lights, or even select a Spotify playlist to play on speakers located throughout your whole house.

But what about when you’re not at home? If your house is equipped with intelligent technologies that enhance your day-to-day activities at home, shouldn’t it also allow you to stay in touch with your property when you’re at work or perhaps vacationing hundreds or thousands of miles away?

With standard home security systems, if you forget to arm your system or lock your front door before you leave, you either have to turn around or deal with uncertainty throughout the day. But what if you could control your security setup from anywhere in the world?

With a Savant installation at your South Bay home, we can add a smart security system that gives you complete, 24/7 remote access to your property.

Interested in learning about how you can use a Savant security system at your home? Just keep reading below.

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A Guide on Finding the Right Shading Solution for You


So, you’re ready to install motorized shades into your South Bay living space. But what variety is actually right for you and your home?

No need to wonder what differentiates one window treatment apart from another. In this blog, we’ll go through the top four common Lutron shades, and what each one entails.

Keep reading to learn more about these smart shading solutions!

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Explore the Activities an Outdoor Speaker System Can Elevate


As summer comes to a close, you might think that the window for upgrading your backyard spaces has passed.

Sure, the kids are back in school, but that doesn’t mean the gorgeous weather here in Southern California is going to disappear anytime soon.

In fact, an outdoor sound system installation can elevate a variety of activities throughout your South Bay home’s backyard this fall.

In this blog, we’ll show you the various events you can host in your backyard or on your patio that are sure to brighten up this Autumn and how a professional outdoor audio installation can elevate each of those activities.

Keep on reading to learn more about this high-end solution and which situations you can best utilize it for.

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Listen to Your Tunes at a Whole New Level

So many people love listening to music on a daily basis.  It can be calming and melodious – or it can incite a dance party with just a change of tempo.

But there’s a difference between a casual listener and someone who is a music aficionado.   If you find that you’re wanting a special space and setup for when you want to enjoy the latest albums or songs – then a two-channel audio system is for you.

Hear high-end audio like never before.  You’ll find yourself completely surrounded by quality sound.  Want to learn how you can achieve this ultimate listening experience in your South Bay home?

Keep on reading below to find out more.

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Your Smart Shades Can Elevate Your Whole Space


If you’re looking to add elegance and comfort to your South Bay home, motorized window shades are the perfect smart solution for you.

But automated shades are more than just keeping the sun out of a room in the middle of the day.  How can you put this smart technology to its best uses?

In this blog, we’ll dive into the various ways you can utilize your shades and the many benefits they’ll bring you and your family.

Keep on reading below to find out more.

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